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I am passionate about teaching and providing trainings! As a trainer, I have presented at multiple conferences about homelessness, reintegration after incarceration, substance use treatment and gender responsive treatment. I have provided multiple non-profits and state agencies (including Law Offices of the Public Defender and CYFD) with trainings about compassion fatigue, justice involvement, harm reduction/harm reduction psychotherapy, substance use, mindfulness, and trauma informed care. I tailor my trainings to meet the needs of your organization, and they can range from 1 hour to multi day affairs! 

I also have extensive experiencing facilitating groups. I have led an Intensive Outpatient program, Anger Management, Seeking Safety, substance use, dual diagnosis, and trauma groups. I can facilitate crisis debriefing and compassion fatigue process groups for mental health and social service agencies. I am also skilled in facilitating groups for BIPOC individuals seeking support due to racial trauma. I have held day long workshops for helping professionals with activities of art, writing, meditation, intention setting, yoga, and much more. I would love to provide any of these services to your organization or group!


Harm Reduction 101- working with youth, justice involvement, substance use, body image and disordered eating, 

Harm Reduction Psychotherapy

Healing from Compassion Fatigue - helping professionals 

Racial Trauma- building anti-racist framework 

Substance Use Family Support and Education 

Trauma Informed Care- with unhoused and justice involvement, gender responsive, racial trauma informed care

Long covid and mental health


Buddhist Psychology 

Reintegration after Incarceration




Crisis debriefing for agencies after trauma 

Compassion fatigue process groups 

Racial trauma/BIPOC 



Workshops/Retreats for 

The Wounded Healer 

  • Can be offered in multiple formats- day long, 4 sessions over 4 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours sessions 



Provided trainings for public defender, CYFD, organizations serving unhoused youth and adults, medical center, community mental health, substance use providers, clinicians, correctional, justice involvement, gender responsive care, panelist and presenter at multiple conferences 


Where have I presented : emerge NM, mitc, crossroads, first choice, CYFD, LOPD, pegasus, nm solutions, paws, not our farm , methadone clinic, new day 

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